Sunday, 17 December 2017

The book launch of "INTROSPECTION" in "THE FABLE", Juhu


Walt Disney

A candid moment during my book launch event
Dino Morea, Mahesh Bhatt and Malini Nair from Become Shakespeare

The quote I have started this narrative with, is an ideal way of executing life. Probably we all have dreams, dreams of living a vision which might be very different from our perceived personas. But its only a handful who get the power and means to accomplish their inventiveness. In this mad race of living, where its tough to make ends meet, it is even tougher to keep dreams alive.

So when three years back, I had embarked the journey of penning down my first novel, juggling with the commitments of a fully engaged engineering job, little did I know what lay ahead. My only intention was to emote and emote voraciously. I firmly believed in the predisposing power of fiction, and wanted to lend some messages to the society through my intimidating story line.

I completed "Introspection" in around 2 years, and then started the grueling attempts of getting it published. Trust me, it was more emotionally draining than conceiving the idea of creating a narrative. After getting "sorry" emails from almost all publishers known under the sky, I got a chance with WorditArt fund under Become Shakespeare banner , where they selected my manuscript from 5000 odd entries. Yes my dream, had started taking a decent shape, after a string of futile attempts.

On 11th October 2017, my book was made available on all e commerce websites (the links are added at the end of the narrative) and it started receiving great reviews from readers. Each time, a reader came expressing his/her thoughts on my work, my heart filled with hope, "yes, I want to tell more stories and connect to more and more people."

 Mr . Mahesh Bhatt addressing the media

Then finally it happened, on 11th December 2017, which also happens to be my wedding anniversary, my book had a dream launch. The entire media had graced the occasion of unveiling "Introspection", which was done by celebrated filmmaker, the most enlightened man of showbiz Mr. Mahesh Bhatt, heartthrob of millions Mr. Dino Morea and versatile actor Mr. Bikramjeet Kanwarpal. It was indeed a star studded occasion and my oblivious self unknowingly unified with the real me, as I lived those moments.

Speaking to media, Mr. Mahesh Bhatt, had made a statement which will probably stay with me forever, he said "A writes bleeds on the pages, to write a book".  And how true, it reminds me of the agonies associated with emoting for others, the pain of living the lives of different characters yet keeping my integrity as a writer intact.

 Media Interaction

Mr. Bikramjeet Kanwarpal at the event

Dino Morea and Bikramjeet Kanwarpal also expressed their takes as readers and narrators. Their overwhelming encouragement, will remain with me forever. They appreciated the efforts that goes into writing a fully evolved novel, with entwining tales between different characters.
The launch was organised, in a book themed cafe called "Fable", in Juhu. Probably the most apt location for an occasion like this. This cafe stands out for its innovative decor, which is strongly influenced by the intriguing world of books. Be it the "fable wall" which resonates the artistry of 50 novels or the "Reading lamp" which stands out for being perched on a pile of books. Every corner, is a reader's paradise, because book lovers cherish the rustic feel of old books, and their battered beauty. This chic all day dining cafe also serves some exotic cuisines, which satiates the foodie in the book lover.

Talking about my book to the world

This book launch was a dreamy affair, that I am yet to recover from. I have faith on the lucidity, relatable story line and subtly sent messages of my creation, and I am sure it will reach out to millions.

The path of art is never an easy one, it tears you apart and often leaves you with a bleeding heart. But again it makes your best version.  So this is from a dreamer to all dreamers of the world, "never give up your passion, it will get you solace, today or tomorrow."

No good work is possible without good team effort
Thank You Adhijit, Ashyma, Debonita, Shibangee, Chirag, Malini, Sameer and of course my husband Avishek 

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My moment of high

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Hakkasan - indulgence into ecstasy

Every year on birthdays, we explore some new eatery and Mumbai has many. This year on 12th November, that is my birthday, we went to the very famous Chinese cuisine specialist fine diner, Hakkasan on Linking Road, Bandra West.

I had heard a lot of Hakkasan, be it ambiance, be it food or be it its elaborate guest list, it is a pretty famous diner in Mumbai. 

The first thing that strikes you as you entire the Krystal building where the restaurant is located, is the intriguing blue lights. And for the few who read me, they already know my obsession with lights and fixation towards the color blue. So at the first place, I am already impressed.

The place is uber chic, and the staff cordial and well groomed. They welcomed us with warm smiles and gestures, a comfortable seat was immediately allocated for my husband and me. At this point I would like to let you know, that it is better if you give them a call before reaching there.

We ordered chicken for starters and fragrant rice and a very different prawn preparation for main course, and the bong sweet tooth was satiated by the chocolate bomb with a "happy birthday" message for me, for deserts. The food was very tasty and we devoured every bite with satisfaction.

For sure, this place is worth a visit, the exclusive interiors and exquisite food will make your dining experience a remember-worthy one.

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Smoke Shack -Park Plaza

Given a choice, any day, I would choose a lounge over a pub. I prefer places, where we can hear one another and enjoy each other's presence. Sky lounges are my favorite, after all it is always fun to be able to enjoy hospitality, good food, music while counting the stars and being caressed by the breeze. I feel, a touch of nature, in this mad race of life,helps me unwind. So diners to me, are not just food indulgences, they are experiences I cherish.

During my last visit to Kolkata, this October, our sister and brother-in-law, took us out for a jubilant dinner experience. The venue was Smoke Shack - Park Plaza, in Ballygunge.

Ever since I visited the place, I was trying to find an opportunity to jot down my feelings about its beauty.

Well! to say the least Smoke Shack, is for dreamers like me. It was a star studded night, and the remnants of  the Diwali Fire crackers occasionally lit up the sky. Elaborately spread across the huge terrace, the lights, the ambiance was apt for a lazy evening, talking over delicious cuisines. We had ordered a good amount of food and loved the starters more than the main course. 

A big Thank You to Priyanka Di and Jiju, for that lovely evening, the serenity and panache of sky lounges appeal to me and I recommend Smoke Shack to all dreamers like me.

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Saturday, 18 November 2017

"Tumhari Sulu" - is about Vidya Balan's compelling energy

It's been quite a while, that I wrote a movie review. But "Tumhari Sulu" compelled me to mold the multitude of my emanated emotions, in the form of this blog. To begin with, I must confess, that this movie is my type. I belong to that kind of audience, who will indulge into real emotions exuding from real characters, rather than going on an cryptic, yet visually treating voyage.

"Tumhari Sulu"  is all about Vidya Balan and her stellar calibre to woo the audience by her lucidity, corporeal energy and immense power of portraying reality on screen, to an extent that the screen and actuality become largely inseparable. 

Sulochana Dubey, affectionately referred to as "Sulu" is a housewife, based out of a typical suburban Mumbai household. She is buzzing with positive energy and undertaking the big and small challenges of life, saying "Main kar sakti hai". She is a person, who will make you forget the worries that bug, and compel you to see the brighter side. Deriving happiness in her imperfectly beautiful surroundings,  she pats her back for being able to keep the lemon from falling, in a lemon and spoon race or for winning a pressure cooker in a radio contest. 

Sulu's husband "Ashok", played by theater personality Manav Kaul, is a well sketched character and unreservedly compliments that of Sulu's. Manav Kaul, is a pro with his craft, and unabashedly makes his presence felt, without trying too hard. Ashok is a soft-spoken, caring husband, with the subtle presence of vulnerabilities and insecurities. The scenes between Sulu and Ashok, are enjoyable and relatable.

Sulu keeps herself entertained, listening to the radio or talking to the pigeon, she is radiating gaiety in every frame. A sea change in her life comes as she gets the job of a RJ, in a late night show, wherein deprived and devastated manhood, seeks solace in her explicitly sexy voice. Director Suresh Triveni makes sure, that the suggestive endeavors do not appear below the belt. 

RJ Malishka, is seen in a cameo, without substantial screen presence, Vijay Maurya as the poetic rebel and the producer of the late night show brings comic relief but insignificantly and Neha Dhupia as Maria looks stunning in her chic attires and subtle make up, but does not contribute much to the story.

"Tumhari Sulu" is somewhat predictable in the second half, but that does not take away the charm. Wherein, Sulu goes through a plethora of challenges, ranging from her underestimating and dominating sisters forcing her to leave the job, to her son Pranav leaving the house on getting suspended from school. 

The movie is etched with many messages, and it is on the audience to perceive or not. The finale of the movie, depicts Sulu victorious, and her infectious energy rekindling as Ashok comes back "to her side". "Tumhari Sulu" teaches the strength of a good relationship, it tells us the power of hand holding.

I congratulate everyone associated with the movie and thank them, for coming out with a tale, which is not "different" but difficult in its simplicity, and showcases some of the important aspects of the Indian society, without making the try look too obvious.

And at the end, Vidya Balan once again proves her flare as one of the best the country has seen.

"Tumhari Sulu" is a must watch!!!!

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Monday, 6 November 2017

Awakening of the divine

"Jago tumi jago jago durga 
Jago dasha'praharana'dharini
Abhaya shakti bala'pradayini tumi jago"

Durga Puja is that time of the year when festivities flow in the form of blood through the veins of every Bengali. We are more than ecstatic to welcome the Goddess, as she comes all the way from her heavenly abode, to pay her annual visit to the earth with her children. It's that time of the year, when no work stress, personal distress or physical languid can keep us from overflowing with tangible gaiety and explosive enthusiasm. Keeping all ifs and buts aside we plunge into delectable celebration of precious life. 

Durga Puja mesmerizes me for reasons more than one, for its just not rites and rituals. It is above the smell of incense sticks, the charm of the ringing bells and the rhythm of 'Dhak'. It is that festival where the presence of the divine is celebrated like a carnival. People completely indulge into pleasing their whims and pampering their needs. They do what they desire, decked up in their ethnic bests they drown into absolute happiness, raw and real. 

For the last few years Durga Puja for me and my hubby has been synonymous to Spandan. And for people who doesn't know, Spandan is a sociocultural organisation based in Powai, Mumbai. Though a major percentage of its members are Bengalis, yet it will be unfair to call it a Bengali Association, for it embraces with love, people with different beliefs, castes and creeds. The organisation is associated with many social and cultural activities and celebrating Durga Puja is one of the major ones. 

But the festivities at Spandan, besides being a compendium of colourful sarees, ethnic sagas and beguiling jewellery, it is a festival with a purpose. A purpose that outshines the glitz and glam quotient and the nutation of god fearing heads in front of the enormity of the goddess. Every year there is a different cause, this year we tried to hand hold children, orphaned, by adversities of life.  Very thoughtfully the cause was named as "Amritasya Putra". A great cause indeed, when you strive hard to fetch smile, on innocent faces! What can be a better way to pay homage to the mother of creations? The idol, which was crafted by celebrated 'Murtikar' Dipankar Pal of Kumortuli, Kolkata and the unsung tenor of the pandal resonated the theme.

And then there is togetherness, kinship, friendship and more. Every morning the enormity of rituals, is followed by 'bhog' distribution, wherein everyone who comes to visit, is offered delicious lunch. Behind the enlightenment of the lightened 'diyas', the triumph of the conch shells and the insistent 'ulu dhwani', there is immense hard work, and the never dying spirit of Spandanites.

Every evening, there are cultural programs either in-house or by artists from outside the association. Spandan believes in upholding the colourful culture of our country and immense power of our literature, and also inculcating the same in the new gen kids. 

As I wrap up my narrative on Durga Puja 2017, I thank the Spandan family for giving us a home away from home. Because festivities end very fast, but what remains is the enlightened core, where the colour of never ending celebrations continue to thrive.

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

On my path of 'Introspection'

Cover design : Mainak Chatterjee

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

With a heart full of dreams and aspirations, I had started my book three years back. It wasn’t a conscious decision, and I had no clue, if I would ever finish the book, with all characters and their stories converging together. But strangely the name had struck immediately, I knew it would be ‘Introspection’.

One evening, I was low, had a small disagreement with my husband and was sitting procrastinating any possible household chores. The idea had struck from absolute nowhere and I started my journey of soul seeking. The idea of capturing the melancholy of a young girl, hurt and defeated by a monster crafted by the bourgeois society had originated from my sad heart that evening. But gradually the purpose metamorphosed to a bigger one, and my journey of portraying social prejudices, conjectures and beliefs through fiction, kick started vigorously. And it took me one and a half years to complete my book. But the journey wasn’t a cake walk. And it cannot be, if you have a fully engaged job, and some household responsibilities too, to cope up with. But the tough roller-coaster ride of chasing my passion and deadlines together, was made easy by my ‘never giving up’ spirited hubby Avishek.  

While he is definitely not a pro in helping me with managing the house, he did at times crossed the limits of his will to lend a helping hand. Then when I was burning the mid night oil, that occasional cups of tea and coffee, or that loving shoulder message gave me liberation to think big.

But the real struggle was yet to begin and that happened when I completed the book. Before this we had no idea of how it works. So it started from scratch. Thankfully this journey was ours, not mine alone, and hence the rough path smoothened considerably.

For a debutante author, getting a publisher is like breaking a concrete wall. Probably most of the renowned firms, do not even go through your application. Some are humble enough to revert and many don’t even care. The process was continuing for long and I was continuously wearing a mask of happiness and encountering the daily chores, with my heart tearing apart. But my husband never gave up hope, his conviction and belief, made be stand strong. The coaxing by my mother and her extreme belief and pride in her daughter, was another fuel to keep me going.

Me and Avishek, would spend hours, locating all publishers big and small and then sending them documents as per their norms. But nothing was coming up. Many suggested me to go for self-publishing, but I still had hope.

Things changed when Leadstart publishing house, told me about this new venture of Become Shakespeare, called Wordit Art fund, where they were doing conventional publishing for new authors.
Since then it was a wonderful journey, from editing to designing covers and eventually getting the book published. It is truly a surreal feeling to hold ‘INTROSPECTION’ in my hands, palpable, a realisation of dreams. It would be unfair, if I don’t mention my friends, Mainak Chatterjee who designed the cover of the book, Snehajit Roy who clicked the author’s picture and Sambit Roy who made the trailer for publicity.

The journey that I and Avishek went through would be memorable forever, while I may write many more books, this one would hold a special place in my heart.

My book is available on Amazon and Snapdeal; links as below:
Amazon link:

Snapdeal  link: 
Buy Introspection on snapdeal

Infibeam link:

Soon it will be available on Kindle . 

The back blurb of Introspection is as follows:

“After a blissful courtship period, Aniket and Arushi finally tied the knot and shifted from Kolkata to Mumbai. Life was beautiful. It was a fairy tale romance.  But how long?
Little did they know, what lay ahead in their journey!  Things changed and personalities altered, as hard reality hit their abode of dreams. When the extremely careerist Aniket, faced an unprecedented downfall in his career graph, his persona went through a radical change. Addiction and depression changed him into a draconian. Or was it unveiling of his true face?
Arushi watched him in dismay and exhausted herself, to regain the bliss of their companionship. However, her efforts proved futile.
But there is more to this story. When eminent psychiatrist Dr. Priyadarshini Ray, took up his case, revelations from his past shocked Arushi. What made Aniket the egoist insecure monster? Will the two, be able to regain the lost beauty of their relationship? Will introspection, change the course of their tale?”

Trailer of Introspection

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Thursday, 12 October 2017


A journey that started few years ago is finally nearing its destination
My debut novel is now available online for the world
A strange tingling feeling has made my life miserable...its a delectable mixture of happiness, anxiety and nervousness

"INTROSPECTION" is that journey of soul searching which is relatable, enriching yet agonising

IT IS ALREADY AVAILABLE ON AMAZON and SNAPDEAL, links are shared below.  Very soon it will be available on Kindle, Flipkart and Infibeam.

Click on the following link : Amazon - Introspection

                                              Snapdeal - Introspection

I seek your blessings and your review will be precious

Friday, 6 October 2017

Sunny Side Up - Interlaken

There was beauty all around, sheen and seraphic
While the sun spread its golden hue, the sky was a blissful blue
As if the splendor of the empyrean had descended on earth
I just pleaded time, to be gradual, to be slow.

Greenery all around and intervening flower beds
Surrounded by the Alps and its beatific glory
And did you hear the church bell ring?
And did the horse drawn chariot, tell you it's story?

The majestic blues of the waters of the lakes
One side Brienz and the other is Thun
Makes you that embedded gem in the nature's crown
Or like the uninhibited fairy, who dances with the moon
 By Aritra

Being one of the most talked about locations in Switzerland, we visited Interlaken with loads of expectations. But what met our eyes, wasn't what we surmised, it was beyond our reckoning. Luck favored us, and granted us a lavish treat of exuberant nature, where the greens, the blues and the looming grey basked in the compassionate sun, and evolved into a divine form.

Interlaken is quite a fairy land, with its stretches of green grass and flowerbeds, lined by the snow-capped Alps at a distance. It is best experienced in a sunny day, when nature unfolds it demeanor in full glory. There is a heavenly sheen all around and the emerald water of lake Brienz and lake Thun reflecting that shimmer.

Besides devouring the elaborate platter that nature offers, there are many activities in Interlaken which can keep you engaged. You can either have a Gandola ride to Gimmelwald, a little scenic village near Interlaken or enjoy a relaxing cruising experience on the lakes. Each activity is unique and has its set of experiences to commemorate throughout life.

However the activity that attracted us the most, was a trip to Harder Kulm. A train which almost travels vertically up and takes you to a spot, where from the entire town of Interlaken entwined between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun appear spectacular. The train tour is exciting, the view mesmerizing and the restaurant on top serves great food, what more do you want, to construct memorable moments?

Some important points on Interlaken:
a. Its beautiful but expensive.
b. Best explored on a sunny day. You can just rent a bike and go around exploring the place.
c. Harder Kulm is highly recommended.
d. You can very well spend a day or two, and explore the other possibilities and activities too. 

Interlaken is that prized memory that I will always cherish with love. It is that experience which I hold above many others. This dream land should be a must in every traveler's wish list.

Happy traveling....

Aritra Chakrabarty

Friday, 15 September 2017

Macher Jhol is a yummy ensemble of emotions

The entertainment industry of India is evolving, with the encroachment of digital platforms, storytellers get opportunities like never before. We see movies being made on varied subjects, backdrops etc. This advancement is not limited to the Hindi movie industry, Bengali movies have also undergone radical transformations. The stern demarcation between commercial and urban or parallel cinema, has gradually mellowed, if not vanished completely. A freer thoroughfare of ideologies, performers and storytelling across this line of control is being witnessed these days.

Recently I watched a Bengali movie. Keeping the nostalgia, ethos and pathos of watching a Bengali movie outside Bengal aside, 'Maacher Jhol' truly intrigued me by its unique make. Director Pratim D Gupta has chosen a subject, which is largely untouched. Or rather he sings a known song in an unknown tune. He wraps a delectable blend of emotions, social taboos, conjectures in a newly baked crisp cover. And the cover, essentially consist of flavors, new to the Bengali audience. 

Maacher Jhol means the quintessential Bengali fish curry, which is associated with varied emotions and flavors that comprise the life of a bong. This tale is that of a man who aspires to be chef but finds himself trapped in the cobweb of expectations of his father. Veteran actor Mamata Shankar, excels playing the exemplary mother who resonates with the aspirations of her son, played by Ritwick Chakrabarty.

Ritwick is a treat to watch, in his absolute candid portrayal of the successful chef Debdatto based in Paris, with a doting french girlfriend. However his success story like all others, has dark patches too. Paoli Dam as the dauntingly self respecting wife of the chef, whom he leaves in Kolkata to pursue his dreams, must be applauded for her underplay which succeeds to overwhelm. 

The characters are well defined and their journeys converge laminar. When Debdatto comes to visit his ailing mother, the tangled threads of his life gradually loosen. When he strives hard to cook the 'Maacher Jhol', his mother wants to have, he learns about himself and encounters his inner demons.

While I end my narrative, I recommend this yummy treat of emotions to all movie lovers.

Friday, 8 September 2017

The Father - A play and more...

It's not very often that you see a legend perform in front of your eyes. It is too overwhelming to categorize the experience as good or bad, too daring to rate the performances, yet I wanted to blog about my recent theater experience, which took my breath away.

I just love plays and theater, it's live appeal is much more endearing than images moving in front of me, as in motion pictures. Hence, given a chance, I would rather spend my toil stained money on witnessing enriching theater performances, instead of other ways of spending the same.

My recent indulgence was an experimental theater experience, "The Father", enacted by Naseeruddin Shah, Ratna Pathak Shah, Neeraj Kabi and many more talented actors. Originally written by Florian Zeller in French, it is a visual and emotional treat for theater lovers.

Quite a mind blogging drama, with every scene conflicting the previous one, it takes the audience a while to get hold of the changing string of events. It takes a bit of you to appreciate that the play is a reflection of what goes on in the mind of a Alzheimer affected old man, who is the father of two daughters. One who takes care of him and the other who takes space in his brain, after succumbing to the deadly strike of an accident. 

Naseeruddin Shah is real, amorous, exasperating, flirtatious and adorable as the dementia stricken old man, while Ratna Pathak Shah is effortlessly brilliant as the daughter trying to balance her life and taking care of an unintentionally non cooperative father. In fact the entire Motley group, comes together to create magical theater experience. A special mention of Neeraj Kabi, who had really impressed me by his portrayal of the convicted, controversial yet sympathy attracting father of deceased Arushi in Talvar. Expectantly I enjoyed his theater competency, especially his slightly different style of dialogue delivery. Sayan Banerjee, Aahana Kumra and Trishla Patel also delivered wonderful performances.

I would love to recommend all theater lovers to make use of this opportunity and experience something extraordinary. I congratulate every one associated with the production of "The Father".

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Washington Poste - A stylish pub with yummy servings

Journeys are not only about the celebrated tourist attractions and well known destinations. It is also about the little stories we pick up here and there. Some unique food item, or unconventional eatery, it can be anything between heaven and earth. 

Few months back, when on a bright sunny day, I was walking hand in hand with my husband, on the streets of Paris, I collected few such, stories. Story of a handsome boy selling crepes by the side of the road or my rendezvous with a eatery which I simply adored, I have a lot to recollect.

"Washington Poste" situated in the posh location of Champ Elysees serves French, American and other European cuisines. It's geographic location makes it's lucrative to all those tired and hungry souls shopping in the area, which is one of the most exquisite shopping destinations of the globe. With the overwhelming brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermes etc. bestowing their panache.  

We chose the place, more because it was one of those few eateries, which had English menu card along with French, and also because the crew was very welcoming. This lovely bistro with its warm interiors, made the experience truly relaxing.

We ordered this amazing chicken pizza and glasses of red wine. Truly speaking it was the best pizza I had ever tasted. Yummy chicken dressing, mouth watering cheese topping and sprinkled herbs on top of thin pizza bread, it was quite a treat I must say. I also loved the wine, as it complimented the food very well. 

This restaurant is on the expensive side, yet I recommend it for food lovers.  
The charming interiors, friendly staff and very tasty food made it one of the great food joints we explored in our Euro Trip.

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Pizza n wine

My hubby 

N me

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Guinness and more, a restaurant review

The world is diverse and that's the beauty. There are multiple hues of life, flavors of living and rhythms of life. But all tunes do not resonate with our heartbeat, and only few reach our soul.

During our recent Europe trip we explored many eateries, serving different cuisines. But not all tastes remained with us and not all places struck a chord.

This post is about the small restro pub by Lake Lucerne, in Switzerland. Out of the many restaurants lined on the lakeside, we chose "Guinness and more" majorly due to its small, cozy interiors. 

Lucerne was very cold when we reached the place. The chilly winds were making us shiver from the core. What we needed was a steaming cup of coffee or a jug of beer and some smoking munchies and hence after dumping our belongings in the hotel room, we started searching the neighborhood for a good place to eat. Needless to say the options were numerous and we were pretty confused. After a stroll across all available options we chose "Guinness and more", a restro pub by the lake. The interiors were cosy and warm. And it was evident that the place warmed up as the sun set each day.

I ordered coffee and my husband some beer, we also included french fries, chicken wings and onion rings in our order. The best part was, they fried and got the food smoking hot in front of our eyes. And man, it was so tasty that the taste has remained with me till date.

Glitz and show off attracts us, but sometimes happiness comes in simple packages and this experience was one such.


#us enjoying our meal

#our food

Saturday, 8 July 2017

The reverie called Lucerne...

The tranquil waters of Lake Lucerne
Like Mirror to the snow-capped eminence
Chilly was the wind and high was the spirit
As I witness the sublime magnificence

The tree lined lakeside and the chapel bridge
Grey clouds looming low
The cold winds and its fiendish dance
Compel my creative juices to flow

I wondered, if in that fairyland
Fairies descend in moonlit night?
I would keep awake through the warm silence
As the wild roses emanate their aura and hypnotize.

My first rendezvous with the enamored Alps
Engagement with the Swiss land of dreams
Lucerne was that fascinating prologue for us
That compels to experience the entire piece

By Aritra
Lucerne Lake, lined with eateries

Our Swiss Holiday had started with Lucerne, serene, peaceful and dreamy. With majestic ranges overlooking the swathe of Lake Lucerne, a mischievous hide & seek of the sun, the old, intimidating chapel bridge and its colorful aura, it was the perfect prelude to the upcoming musical spectacle.

But as they say "its about the journey not the destination". Hence my narrative assign some space to our travel from Paris to Lucerne.

 After Boarding TGV

The bar

We had taken a TGV or Train a Grand Vitesse from Paris to Zurich, this is a high speed intercity train service in France. "Grandeur" is the word for Grand Vitesse. We had taken a first class ticket and it was truly a classy ride. The bar in the train, adds that exquisiteness and uniqueness to it.


Glimpses of the picturesque landscape

But the most amusing and captivating part was the scenery of serenity it traverses through. The beautiful European Countryside leaves you absolutely spellbound. Lush greenery, blue meadows, cows with that signature Swiss bells around their necks and slow encroachment of the visibility of the Swiss Alps, each frame is capture worthy and uniquely separate from each other.

"I keep looking, without a moment to blink
I keep looking at you
Smile refuses to discard my lips
Nature has been such gracious, just to few"

From Zurich, we took a train to Lucerne and when we reached it was ideal time for brunch. We decided to fill our stomachs first and then start our expedition.

Foodie delight

We chose a nice warm cafe by the lake called "Guinness and more", previously this place was called Shamrock Irish Pub. A sport bar that turns to a pub at night, it was an awesome place for some relaxation, yummy food, a cup of coffee or a can of beer. The coziness was a welcomed change from the chilling air outside.

Chapel Bridge

St. Peter's Church

View from the Church

Lucerne, is more about the silence of the place. The lake with the swans and ducks, the cold wind, the fir lined lane, the huge church and of course the chapel bridge named after St. Peter's Chapel. This one is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe, and the semi dilapidated state makes it very unique.

The little place with its immense beauty, leaves you craving for more of the Swiss Alps, which gives its alluring appearance in Lucerne, but can be seen more closely as you travel higher up. Among the places we visited, Wengen gave the best view.

Some tips to the travelers:

a. Lucerne is very beautiful and is a must visit. It can be easily explored on foot. But remember to book a hotel near the station as most of the places of interest are nearby and makes traveling easy.

b. If you are traveling to Switzerland from France, don't miss the TGV experience. It is worth every penny.

c. Food in Swiss destinations are more expensive than France, so be prepared to spend good amount on that.

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta