Tales to tell

I love to paint my emotions

As we grow up we collect tales, some tales of gaiety, and some tales of remorse. But each tale is unique in its own terms and worth sharing. But our hectic lives, leaves us with no time and no energy to depict those beautiful episodes. They get lost somewhere, in the dark dungeon of left back time. When I came to Mumbai, I learnt about blogging and wanted to paint my experiences with the magical strokes of words. I started with writing about my travel experience like Majestic-blues of Pangong Lake or Kerala Narrative, as nature allures me.

Pangong Lake

But soon I discovered, that pen is mighty and I could use my space for better causes. I started penning down my opinions on social issues like crime against women through narratives like this Dont-suffocate-me-it-hurts-my-soul or The-sound-of-silence.

when will crimes against me stop?

Eventually Blogging became a part of me, and today not a single day passes without me, writing at least something. I may not have a huge audience but still I thank the few who love my work. I dream of using this forum for bigger causes, just recently I wrote a post to promote Bengal tourism (Sublime-Bengal).

But my journey has just began, and will last till I breathe my last. “Tales to Tell (jhinuk11.blogspot.in)” is a bit of me and my life, a slice of experience I want to bring to the world. A forum to fight against social taboos, and upliftment of women. I dream and dream, and I write and write, waiting for the day when my words will impact the world. “Tales to tell” is the journey of a common girl with uncommon dreams. Be a part and bless.

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Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

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