Tuesday, 31 May 2016


A beautiful Rabindra Sangeet, I am sure you will enjoy, even if you don't understand the language the tune will touch you!!

I woke up to see a dream. I had been sleeping like a queen, on a round bed with flowing white, satin bed sheet. I believe I would have slept till eternity, given to the luxury my body was subject to, if the naughty breeze had not tickled my ears and hid in my Rapunzel like long, black traces. I woke up to play early morning hide & seek with the sea wind that whirled through the room, making the pink, satin curtains go haywire. I could see the glowing emerald through open windows. The sparkling white sand led gradually, smoothly and deliciously to the bluish green waters. A strangely, dreamy and vulnerable aroma fill the room. I guess tropical flowers contributed to that.

When my sleepy eyes had completed scanning the magnificence of the surroundings, they fell on my hubby sleeping peacefully, looking remarkably unguarded. I smiled at the naughty thoughts that peeped through my mind. I placed a loving peck on his forehead and jumped off the bed. On my lemon yellow gown, the crimson rays landed gracefully making it blush to a delectable orange. I walked towards the open window, which welcomed me with a rush of flavorous yet fiendish air. My hair gave away and flew to cover my eyes. And when I removed that, I could feel the smile, which my hubby claims to be arresting, enlightening my breeze-kissed face.

If someone could decipher the impetus behind that pre-eminent grin, she/he would know that it was the magnum opus that lay in front of my city-sick eyes. The sun had just relieved itself from the mighty grip of the unknown dark shadows and appeared in a sedate glory. A glory that has glorified the ocean and revealed it's opulent beauty from behind the curtains of the dark night. There was an unsung festivity around and I couldn't stop my feet from walking out of that cottage. When I stepped out, the breeze struck more voraciously. I was gay to see no iota of human life or sensibilities around. After ages,  I felt like myself again.

I walked on the soft, silvery sand that caressed my feet. Some bushes were ablaze with unknown flowers and a riot of colours. The tropical essence infused life in me. I was walking and walking, until the sand felt wet. The ocean must have kissed this part secretly in the magical darkness of the moonlit night, before receding back to the lines of decency. My mind was weaving a "tale of love" between the depths of the mighty ocean and gritty/greedy silvery delight. In no time, my feet touched my "majestic blues". I sat down to feel it from nummy closeness. As if I wished it's unison with my existence, unison of nature with my soul.

"As I behold the dancing waves 
As I behold them come
I drench myself in divine sedate
I drench myself in love
The breezy day breathes life in me
While I lovingly gather strength to survive"
By Aritra

I sat on the sand and let the water wet me. Then I closed my eyes and started humming one of my favourite creations of Tagore "Khela Ghar Bhandte legechi, amar moner bhitore...." (have shared the song in the beginning of my narrative). Oblivion engulfed in no time, I could hear the song being carried to my ears by the salty sea breeze. I loved my life...I..I "Aritra, Aritra get up honey.....it's time...you are sleeping too late....". It was Avishek my husband's voice. I woke up to see the reality.....

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Saturday, 28 May 2016

My City of dreams-Mumbai

As a kid I grew up amidst lush greenery
Shadowy meadows and thorny bushes of berry
Fast and furious city life was a menace to me
Nothing more repulsive, nothing more scary!
But time got me to face challenges new
The secured hamlet ceased to bestow its glorious hue
The scorching city sun glared at me
I missed the sylvette beauty and the drops of dew!
Tick, Tock, Tick time moved on
And against my awareness my thoughts evolved
I learnt to drink from the glass of fun
A craze for this madness eventually developed!
Though the first rendezvous was not long back
Yet the presence of this dreamy city has grown on me
From marine drive and the necklace of the queen
To colorful "chowpati" life by the Arabian Sea!
This city and its virtues are numerous and more
Be it the heavenly rains and the smell of roasted corn
Or the happening nightlife with glittery and gloss
It gives a life full of life, no spare to forlorn!

A city that houses art and literature
A city that evokes that craft
A city that harness the dreamer in you
And your hidden sensibilities updraft!

“Vada Pao”, “Pao Bhaji” or “cutting chai”
Or the illuminating festivities on “Ganesh Chathurthi”
This city and it’s numerous shades of life
Leaves me awestruck, whatever the occasion be!

Mumbai teaches you to be a Marathon runner
Ceaseless effort and countless hurdle
And at the finishing line you stand successful
Proud of your entity with eyes full of sparkle!

But to me this city is my little apartment
From my merry dark corner I watch the city-light
I experience the cacophony of delectable life
From the sky touching corner of my nest of love, in the darkness of the night!

pic courtesy google images

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Stop Judging - Know Yourself more

When I was trying hard to judge the world
I was suddenly thunderstruck
What do I do with the knowledge of the rest?
When all I know of me is just a skerrick

Sometimes when the sky is cloudy
And I can see no light
Why does floodgates open in my eyes?
I fail to apprehend what blurs my sight.

At times I loose for some reason unknown
At times I smile amidst known odds
What makes me and what breaks me
I even fail to recognize what makes me plod

Yet my defiant self wants to know the unknowns
Wants to judge the people around
How do I convince my questioning being
"knowing yourself will leave you astound!"

Life is a journey of fetching our within
Life is a journey of recognizing our vision
Let this path be meaningful to the core
Being judgmental is just like treason.

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Being a part of the digital leap

A third time my narration claimed space in RIL women's magazine, feels nice.

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Soap Operas and the emotional garbage they serve

With due respect to the people, who enjoy daily soaps that rule the Hindi TV industry and get the actors, producers and people associated, great chunks of money, this post is to elaborate the kind of garbage they serve to the audience. Gone is the time when a "Humlog", or a "Dekh bhai dekh" would be created to touch your hearts or tickle your funny bone. Now is the era of overtly pan-caked women protagonists and vamps burning mid-night oil to contemplate some heinous crime! Not a single character will settle for a single marriage, their fundamental is "ye dil mange more" and hence they marry, divorce, re-marry, divorce and it goes on and on. Well, well! I have nothing against divorce and remarriages, but the same tale everywhere is more than nauseating to me. 

These tales which virtually never end, will most-definitely not be comprised of well-thought characters and well-executable plots, they appear more or less impromptu story telling that branches and re-branches depending on public demand. While some of the soaps have managed to create a niche in this wild forest of insensibilities, most of them dwell in the realms of money making as the only motive. “Sasural Simar Ka” a tale which is largely popular have taken to incorporating black-magic and hell lot of unimaginable trash to get TRPs. And then there is “Nagin” which gives you a feeling of Deja vu and you reach some strange movie of the eighties, which you can hardly relate to in this scenario. And most of them start with showcasing a basic responsibility towards the society, as in spreading the thought “goodness makes you a winner”. But after few episodes they forget, and throughout the show, till some odd “1000***” episodes the modest/humble good one is constantly trashed by the smart bad one. Then finally one day the channel decides to discontinue airing the trash and replace it with another, when the makers forcefully show the good one as a winner.

But my bigger concern is the detrimental role these retarding tales have on the audience. With an era which is progressing at a lightning speed, there are still many who indulge into these. And what impact does these leave on the minds of millions of viewers with its black magic, kitchen politics and multiple broken marriages? Time to think and time to serve sense to the viewers.

A still from Sasural Simar ka

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Capital Social-haven for foodies

Our plan was to devour Parsi delicacies in the famous eatery in BKC "Soda Bottle Openerwala". But little did we know that it was way too crowded in a hot summer Sunday afternoon compared to our meagre anticipation. A blunt declaration of "2 hours waiting" pushed our energy levels drastically down. BKC has no dearth of eating joints, but Parsi food was what our tongues urged for desperately. However something is better than nothing so we opted for the restaurant just beside "Soda Bottle Openerwala" called "Capital Social". And thankfully they assured on tad bit waiting of half an hour. And offcourse, how could I forget!!! Just before we entered we spotted "Shreya Ghoshal", the famous singer, in case you don't know, enter "Capital Social", which slightly increased our enthusiasm.

To start with, the guy at the reception was warm and interactive. His quality evokes positivity about the place before you have entered it. Since we were six adults and a one year old, they gave us a seat where the child could be comfortable. Giggles, frolic and bit a tangy gossip had already started to spice up the afternoon. Unfortunately I had some colicky symptoms the night before and hence refrained from too much indulgence.

We placed quite an elaborate order and I don't remember the names of any. As I was not in-charge of making the choices, I did not go through the menu card. I just ordered fish and chips for myself as it appeared to be slightly on the lower side of spicy. 

Capital Social

Food for life...food for thought!!

"Capital Social" decorated on the theme of "communism" and its related aspects reminded of old Kolkata, with an elaborate use of the "hammer and sickle" communist logo. It had a different air about its ambience I would say. But what surprised us most, were the prices, incredibly low for the taste and quality, which makes "Capital Social" a haven for foodies with varying pocket sizes.

Our gang having fun!!!

I specially loved the tender meat on the nachos, the taste has remained with me. Having said that, all the dishes we ordered were absolute up to the mark, and inspite of trying to refrain from overindulgence, I did taste each of them.

I and my friends am sure, will highly recommend this place to people who love to have experimental food and an utter extravagant food experience.

All of us, pleased after the meal

A bit of posing, can't do without

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta