Thursday, 19 January 2017

Olive Bar and Kitchen-for experiencing the aura...

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Mumbai is a city of diversity in many ways but the most evident one, is the diversity in economic status. We being part of the urban middle class, get to visualize both the strata closely. At one end, we cannot afford to live in a bubble, on the other hand, we do have certain expectations from life, which may or may not fit our pockets. 

Having said all these, I must inform my reader, that this post has got nothing to do with the economic anomaly or anything close to that. When I visited a celebrated eatery in Bandra recently, the aberration struck my whims.  

Well, the eatery under discussion is "Olive Bar and Kitchen". Situated on the famous "Nargis Dutt Road", this one is known for celebrity spotting, kind of pleonasm, isn’t it? 

Me and my husband Avishek, was there to celebrate his birthday, I wanted to treat him in some special place. And while doing my research, I was attracted to this, one, because of its unique décor and two, I won’t lie, its glamorous guest list. Being in Mumbai, always gives you the feeling, that you are too close to the glitz, yet cannot be a part of it. So at times, we tend to get inebriated with this whim.
Candle-light Dinner

As expected, the best part of “Olive Bar and Kitchen”, was indeed its ambiance and distinctive décor. The outdoor sitting arrangement, was no doubt more attractive than indoors, but unfortunately we got to sit inside, given to dearth of available seats outside.

The led twinkles on the tree and the white couches laid on sand and pebble, made ‘olive’ unique. Even the inside adorned the softness of candlelight.  Indeed the illumination and darkness, was intricate and alluring.

Coming to food, the experience was just ‘OK’. Scanning through the menu card with many international cuisines, we ordered Chicken Risotto and penne pasta in white sauce. While pasta was great, we could not appreciate the Risotto much. However, I loved my “Tropical Mojito” and he had a beer.

Food and fun

Though we could not spot any actor, we did spot famous director R.Balki of Cheeni Kum, and the more recent Ki & Ka fame with wife Gauri Shinde, of English Vinglish and Dear Zindagi fame.

Overall, it was a good experience and the ambiance gave me many creative insights. I recommend it to my friends, to experience its aura and depending on choice of food, you might be lucky on that front too.

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Friday, 13 January 2017

Lotus Cafe, Marriott Juhu

To me, restaurants, eateries are much more than just that. They have tales to convey, experiences to share. Each place is unique, be it in decor, ambiance or food. Hence it is important for me to keep exploring new venues from time to time.

But this one is a late review, we went to Lotus Cafe, Marriot in November 2016 and it’s almost 2 months now. But I believe, it’s better late than never.

Marriot, as we all know, is a luxury hotel. Its five star facilities, chic decor speaks loud and clear. We chose "Lotus Cafe" for our official team meet, needless to say after ounces of discussion and dilemma. It’s a curse to have too many options! And we know Mumbai...

It was a bright and sunny day...we went to Lotus Cafe for treating ourselves on the elaborate lunch spread. 

When you enter the restaurant the first thing that strikes you, is its enormity. Spread across a huge area and with chic decoration in browns and creams, there is a distinct lavish feeling about the place. Food was good too, options were many and taste was fine, though there was nothing in particular that has remained with me. But probably that is an issue with all buffet spreads, you can seldom expect gourmet quality.

There is a grandeur about “Lotus Café” which cannot be missed, but in terms of variation it does not offer much. It adheres to the norms of five stars and just meets your expectation, without leaving you ecstatic.

However we particularly had a great time, clicking snaps, chatting and devouring from the huge spread they offer. Staff was cooperative and friendly.

But I have a complaint too, they did not allow us to go the garden and said that it was strictly for those staying in the hotel. This one aspect, we did not appreciate. After all, guests pay a lot for the food, hence the denial was completely unjustified.

In totality, it is good place to go but did not  intrigue my fancies.

 Our team of simulation nerds

 The enormity of the place

 Deserts were many

 The chic interior

 The garden as seen from the restaurant
Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta