Saturday 14 March 2015

Foodie Affair-Singapore Food

When I think of food, the first that come to my mind are the yummy delicacies my mother cooks.  And broadly being a Bengali, I am in absolute love with Bengali cuisines. I think everyone knows a Bengali’s passionate love for fish. However as I grew older and stepped out of my state, I was overwhelmed to discover that my country offers a real wide range of delicacies to cater to the tastes of everyone. While a Gujrati or Rajsthani Thali (meaning spread), is apt for indulgence for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike. A Bengali fish spread will allure the non vegetarian crowd. But that’s not it, I believe food is mirror to a place’s culture, and the habits of food come from origin of the place. While an inhabitant of Maharashtra will prefer sea fish for nearness to the Arabian Sea, a Bengali will love fresh water fishes more due to river Ganges flowing past Bengal. Food habits evolve through centuries, but they are bound to start with availability.

Bengali Fish Kalia

 But for a food lover like me, knowing the different foods of India is just not enough. I love to know what people around the globe enjoy. And as I pointed out before, it’s a sneak peek to the wonderful and colourful life and living of the people. I have always loved Chinese and continental food, out of the international range. But I did not know what I was missing out.

My first taste of Singapore food was, when I went to the awesome tourist destination Singapore. As much as Sentosa, Singapore Zoo and Universal studios are tourist attractions, you can also expect a foodie indulgence to ecstasy through Singapore delicacies. Frankly before witnessing and experiencing the food extravaganza that Singapore has to offer, I did not know of it. It offers you from erotic to smooth tasting spread that although melts in your mouth but leaves an impression in your heart. Unimaginable variety of food and what taste! They say that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, I slightly want to change it like “the way to human’s heart is through his/her stomach”. And that’s what happened with us.

Food haven-Singapore

When we reached Singapore we wanted to explore every place, but as time passed our priorities changed, we actually wanted to explore all possible cuisines. Of the many awesome tasting ones that I tasted the following are my favourite:

  1. Dumpling Noodles:  Being an absolute noodle lover (and hence my love for Chinese food), this one very easily topped my radar. With dumplings of prawn or pork along with assorted vegetables, this dish is either served with soup or dry. Needless to say I loved both.
Dumpling Noodle

b. Hainanese chicken Rice: A delicately designed chicken dish often referred to as Singapore’s National dish. Served with chicken broth and rice. This one is on the spicier side, and hence my favourite.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

c.Fried Carrot cake: A misleading name for sure, but treats taste buds well. A very common dish made of rice flour and white radish. Unique in its awesomeness to say the least.
Fried Carrot cake

 The list is long and I loved much more than I wrote. Infact after coming back to India I did visit a restaurant named Singapore, but the taste did not match even near. I hope to discover an awesome Singapore food serving restaurant in my city of lights soon.

Today, the world has come together. Each of us has the privilege of witnessing each other’s culture, tasting each other’s food. And this is a window of opportunity for food lovers like me, to experience the never ending colours of life and beautiful living through food. Singapore is awesome for its culture and natural beauty and these entirely blend to form dough for a mouth smacking recipe. For more details please click on the following link and enjoy:

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta


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