Friday, 1 May 2015

Dance Basanti :-)

As a kid I always aspired to dance. But my dream of learning the art could never come true; studies stopped me from that indulgence. However I was always involved in many dance programs and that really excited me. But it has been really many years since I took the stage to shake a leg, infact I thought I have lost the zest and courage to move in front of an audience. The last time I danced in a function was in my engineering college, later I acted in plays, did compeering and many other activities, but dancing never! Besides never in my life did I dance to Bollywood numbers, all my dancing was Rabindranitya, contemporary etc.

A few days back, in our Powai based bong association we celebrated, “Bengali New Year” and we kept a theme of Bongs in Bollywood. Can you believe it that I danced and that too to a bollywood number? Remember Bipasha Basu and Akshay Kumar in “Main sirf tera mehboob, tu meri mehbooba!”? And those strange, raunchy moves! I and my husband Avishek were to portray that booty shake on stage. Initially a bit taken aback by the idea, later we took it as challenging and fun. Finally the end product was presentable, if not great and Spandanites were gracious enough to encourage. A few of those captures I wanted to share in my blogging space. Afterall my blog is my journey and all memorable moments are eligible to find space. Avishek did well and as per me, I was kind of OK. It is worth mentioning, that the choreography too was largely his. But truly memorable was the experience for reasons more than one, I first time danced to a Hindi dance number and also it was our first leg shake together, and this made it special. I thank Spandan for the opportunity :-)

A few captures for you!



Dance Dance

Dance Dance

Romance is in the air

Picture courtesy Mainak Chatterjee.
Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta