Thursday, 14 May 2015

My Airtel App

It was just a few days back that I was listening on radio that in Mumbai if you have the means and money you can buy everything. But there is one thing, the ad said, that you can’t afford to buy in this city and that is, yes you have guessed it right, TIME. Though meant in a joking term, how true it is. Time is an indulgence in city life and more so in Mumbai. Every one of us will agree that each Monday morning we start a new week and update status in our social networking sites as “Monday morning blues” and in the blink of an eye the week is gone. However the reverse is also true when it comes to weekends. Hence the technological advancements are very much necessary which eliminate manual or physical intervention and gets the work done in soft. Otherwise the little time that we get after running after money will be lost in standing in queues and visiting shops.

A world of Digitization

In this era of digitization, everything is either on the laptop or mobile screen. Out of the said two, the later is more useful as it is a shadow of our existence. We eat, we drink and we carry our mobiles. Such is the dependence and hence anything that saves time, manages our requirements on connectivity and also gives added benefits is extremely lucrative. In this era of apps, there are apps to book cabs, order food and so on. But when I came to know of this My Airtel App, I was excited because it is first of its kind, at least in my knowledge. I have been using airtel for a long time, and the same is true for many of my family members. An extremely reliable service provider and hence I really hope that its app is as good as the service is. For more details click on the link below:

My Airtel App

 As expected I downloaded the app straight away and started my research to build an opinion on its usability. And to my surprise it is better than I had anticipated. Three features of the app I liked most:
  1. Firstly like greedy kid, I liked all the offers that are provided on using this app. This is crucial in this competitive market where each day newer and better apps are launched with mouth watering offers. I believe all the offers associated with this app are very much usable and interesting.
  2. Secondly this idea of managing all airtel provided services in one place is really very time saving. Many of use many services and hence this makes life simple for us. We can also pay bills of our family and friends which makes the app more versatile.
  3. Lastly I believe the beauty and success of any app is in its user friendliness and I found this app extremely so and hence I would like to use it.

We all enjoy using apps because it saves time and energy and it’s easy to use. And this app brings comfort in that sphere of life which is crucial and regular in use. Hence this one will definitely be successful.

Life is easier

Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta
(Pics courtesy google images :-))

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